Planning for a Trip 談「計劃去旅行」Planning for a Trip 談「計劃去旅行」 The Chinese New Year is coming, and I've been thinking about what I should do during the vacation. 農曆新年就快到了,我鼎曜餐飲設備一直在想,放假該做什麼好呢。 【換句話說】 With the lunar New Year just around the corner, I've been considering what to do during my time off. Taking a trip seems to be a great idea. I thought 花店about Japan first, but it's very cold in Japan this time of year. 去旅遊似乎是個不錯的點子。我先想到日本,但是現在這個時候日本超冷的。 【換句話說】 Traveling doesn't seem like such a bad 關鍵字idea. At first I thought about Japan, but it's freezing in Japan right now. Therefore, I think a tropical island is a better choice, such as Bali, Pattaya or Langkawi. 所以,我想熱帶島嶼會是更網站優化好的選擇,像是峇里島、芭達雅或蘭卡威。 【換句話說】 So I've come to the conclusion that a tropical island like Bali, Pattaya or Langkawi would be a better choice. These places are perfect for 搜尋行銷travelers because they're not very far away, and local prices are low. 這些地方非常適合旅遊,因為距離不遠,而且當地的花費也低。 【換句話說】 These places are very suitable for travelers 澎湖民宿because they're just a hop, skip and a jump away and the local prices are a real bargain. Now, all I need to do is apply for a visa and wait for the holiday to come. 現在我只要申請簽證,等待假婚禮顧問期的到來就行囉! 【換句話說】 Now the only things I need to do are apply for a visa and wait for the holiday festivities to begin! 線上收聽 港式飲茶哈拉五句通 Planning for a Trip 談「計劃去旅行」 關鍵字 lunar (adj.): 農曆的 around the corner (phr.): 即將來臨的 tropical (adj.): 熱帶的 conclusion (n.): 結論 suitable (adj.): 適合的 a hop, skip 台北港式飲茶and a jump away (phr.) 近在咫尺的 bargain (n.): 廉價的交易,划算的買賣 festivity (n.): 慶典,祭典

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